Abrams: \’Thousands of CG Shots\’ in The Force Awakens



Ever since Lucasfilm began to publicly talk to fans about The Force Awakens they’ve been trying to downplay the use of CG with a chant of “Practical Effects”. While most fans have seen though this as simple pandering to a very vocal and jaded minority group of fans, the “practical effects” narrative has gone so viral now that there are actually people out there who honestly believe that The Force Awakens won’t use CG at all.

At the D23 Expo this weekend IGN asked JJ Abrams about using all of those practical effects, and before answering their question he made sure to let everyone know that there will be an enormous amount of CG in The Force Awakens:

“Obviously it’s Star Wars and there’s going to be thousands of CG shots in this movie.”

He goes on to explain how they did try to use practical stuff wherever they could, and you can see the full interview via the embed below: