The Marvel World in Kingdom Hears 3 is Big Hero 6


Kingdom Hears 3  Big Hero 6

Since Disney now owns Marvel many have been speculating that Kingdom Hearts 3 would feature that side of the company, and it will with Big Hero 6. At the Disney Interactive presentation at this weekend’s D23 Expo, Square-Enix revealed how the movie will fit in with the third Kingdom Hearts game.

Sora will journey to San Fransokyo where the Baymax body left in the portal in Big Hero 6 has been corrupted and turned into the boss of the world. You can see this fight via the concept art above. While some are disappointed that it’s not Captain America or Spider-Man, Big Hero 6 fits as it was both a Disney animated film and a Marvel comic.

In addition to the Big Hero 6 world in Kingdom Hearts 3, Sora’s Keyblade will show up in Disney Infinity 3.0 as the reward that’s unlocked for collecting every figure.