Four Months Until Force Awakens and Abrams Won\’t Talk Story


The Force Awakens Teaser 2Today marks the four-month mark in the countdown to The Force Awakens, yet you still won’t get details on the film’s story from its director. The Mystery Box is keeping its iron grip on what the new Star Wars film is actually about and those fans desperate to know any detail on the story will be kept waiting.

Yahoo has a quote from JJ Abrams who says it’s still too early to talk about the story of the new Star Wars movie

” “We can’t really talk about story yet, we still have months to go until the film comes out,” the director says, adding that another new trailer is on the way in the fall.”

This sort of secrecy is exactly why fans flock to sites such as to find out what Episode VII is really about. You can only starve fans for so long before they’ll rebel and bust open the Mystery Box spilling its secrets all over the internet, and that’s exactly what Abrams’ secrecy has done to the first Star Wars movie produced by Disney. Thankfully, he won’t be directing a Star Wars movie after this one.