D23 Expo: Force Awakens Disney Infinity Figures Revealed


DisneyInfinity_D232015_BoyegaRidleyWe’ve known they were coming, but the first two Force Awakens figures for the upcoming Disney Infinity 3.0 were revealed at D23 Expo this weekend.

As part of the Disney Interactive panel on Sunday they revealed the Rey and Finn Disney Infinity 3.0 figures. The two they showed were just prototypes, but the appeared to have a base so they could possibly work in Infinity 3.0 when it becomes available later this month.

To unveil them they brought Daisy Ridley and John Boyega on stage. The two then gave away the figures to younglings in the audience. A boy dressed as Darth Vader received the Finn, while a girl dressed as Leia was given the Rey.

The figures feature the familiar Disney Infinity style and Rey has her staff while Finn is equipped with a blaster rifle. It’s obviously not known yet how they play in the game as it’s not out until the 30th, and there isn’t yet an official release date for The Force Awakens playset. That should definitely be available sometime after December 18th though.