What is There for Star Wars at D23 Expo?


Rey in The Force AwakensWhen the last D23 Expo took place in 2013, Disney had only owned Star Wars for less than a year. That’s different this year as there is a huge presence for Star Wars on the floor, and there may actually be more Star Wars stuff than Marvel this year! We got a quick preview of the floor as set-up was still going on, but this is basically the cool stuff you’ll see as the Expo opens up to the public later this morning…

Before we get to The Force Awakens, there’s a bunch of cool Star Wars booths to check out. To begin with the Disney Infinity and Star Wars Battlefront exhibits from E3 have shown up at D23 Expo. This is cool because E3 is a trade show and public wasn’t able to check out those cool displays, and now you can get your picture taken on the Battlefront Speeder Bike just like E3 attendees did.

Also for video games, we noticed a couple of Star Wars Battlepods on the floor. This is cool for those who haven’t had a chance to play the new arcade game at a Dave & Busters location.

Younglings will be able to take part in the Jedi Training Academy just like they could at Star Wars Celebration and across the street at Disneyland. Target also has a booth setup for photos where it looks like you’ll be able to put on some Star Wars costumes for a souvenir photo.

What’s there for The Force Awakens? Well aside from seeing the First Order Stormtrooper all over the place (including a cool evolution of the Stormtrooper style exhibit in one booth), there’s the HP Art booth they recently announced as well as a booth for the Force for Change. But what everyone will be taking pictures of are the costumes on display at the Walt Disney Studios booth.

This booth is split between a small display for Marvel, Alice Through the Looking Glass, Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales, and a large The Force Awakens section. The Finn, BB-8, and Rey from the Star Wars Celebration exhibit are back, as are four First Order Stormtroopers standing in front of a First Order banner. The big and awesome new addition is the stunning silver armor of Captain Phasma.

Of course the big attraction this year will be the Walt Disney Studios Live Action presentation Saturday morning at 10:30. While there won’t be any new footage or a trailer there should be something big shown. We’ll be camping out in line for that and we’ll let you know what they reveal!