The Luke Skywalker Force Awakens Figure is Confirmed


The Force Awakens Teaser 2

For a while there’s been a rumor about exactly what Luke Skywalker figure you’ll see included in The Force Awakens figure assortment on September 4th, and now that rumor has been confirmed. That rumor said that we’d only see a Bespin Luke figure this fall, which is exactly what we’ll see on Force Friday.

Earlier today a 3.75″ Kylo Ren figure popped up on eBay, but before it sold for $100 the seller took a picture of the back of the card:


— star wars enthusiast (@WeWantCloneWars) August 13, 2015


This confirms that the Bespin Luke figure is part of The Force Awakens figures being released on September 4th. Those clinging to hope that they’ll see older bearded Luke before the movie releases on December 18th had better start accepting that whatever rumor or spoiler they heard about Luke’s screen time may just end up being true…