Constantine Confirmed to Appear on Arrow


constantineWhen NBC was debating on renewing Constanting, Arrow star Stephen Amell said he’d gladly appear on a second season episode to help out Matt Ryan’s show. NBC ended up canceling the series in the end, but now Matt Ryan’s Constantine is confirmed to guest star on an episode of Arrow this season.

Constantine will be the person who comes in to help them resurrect Sarah Lance. Most people suspected she goes into the Lazarus Pit, and there was even a clip of that in the Legends of Tomorrow teaser trailer, so how Constantine fits into that remains to be seen.

It’s only one episode so far, so this doesn’t really mean that the CW would be resurrecting Hellblazer.The series is a bit too dark for what the CW is known for, but stranger things has happened. Hopefully Constantine will become a regular recurring character on Arrow. That way after a few appearances, CW viewers will be acclimated to the character and they could spin him off into his own series like they’re doing with the Legends of Tomorrow characters.

This actually reminds me of when Frank Black of Chris Carter’s Millenniumm guest starred on The X-Files.