No Force Awakens Trailer or Footage at D23 Expo


the-force-awakensTwo years ago Disney faced a near riot when they promised Lucasfilm to show something at the 2013 D23 Expo and had nothing, and this year may be a repeat of that PR disaster.

JJ Abrams told Entertainment Weekly:

“It is true, we are showing no footage, behind the scenes or otherwise,” director J.J. Abrams tells EW. “In the fall, there’ll be a trailer.”

He knows fans are eager for another look at the film and promises to bring something compelling to the Disney conventioneers. “We’re thrilled to go to D23 and meet the fans, but it’s a tricky thing to try and rush [footage] for a convention or preexisting event that would, of course, be fun to show something at,” he said.

Disney is going to have 7,500 people in Hall D23 (MORE people than in Hall H at SDCC) and they’re not going to show anything new from The Force Awakens? Prepare for A LOT of pissed off people on social media…