Max Landis Wrote an Awesome Fantastic Four Movie


Fantastic FourIn a series of Tweets to his followers last night Max Landis (writer of Chronicle) revealed that he once wrote an awesome Fantastic Four movie just for fun. Fox seriously needs to contact him because this sounds like one of the best Fantastic Four movie ideas yet.

The movie opens with Reed, Sue, Johnny, and Ben illegally launching their space mission. This shows the pioneering spirit of exploration that Reed has, and it has the family together right from the start. The script pages he released gets the characters right, and this is the sort of opening scene that would work out great in a Fantastic Four movie. It’s the right tone, fun, and it fits the characters.

Even cooler was how he described Victor in his movie. Not the ruler of Latveria yet, he’s only a prince in this movie and not yet the villainous Doom we all know and love. He seriously wants to help Reed and Ben get asylum in his home country and apparently both he and Reed have similar ideas and Victor just becomes impatient in the end. His father (the ruler of Latveria) is killed in this movie, setting up Victor to become Doctor Doom and ruler of the country in a sequel.

This is the Fantastic Four movie those who love the comic deserve to see. Unfortunately it’s not something that will likely happen with Fox in charge of killing the franchise…

In celebration of the release of Fantastic 4, here's the first 4 pages of a Fantastic 4 script I wrote 4 years ago…

— Max Landis (@Uptomyknees) August 10, 2015