Fox Will Not Return Fantastic Four to Marvel



After the movie bombed this weekend, most had hoped that Fox would return the rights to Fantastic Four to Marvel, but that’s something they will not do.

Even though the movie cost $120 million to make and it didn’t even reach $30 million in North American box office, Fox has decided to hold on to the franchise because they are massive dicks.

A Fox executive told the New York Times:

“We love these characters, and we will find ways to make use of them,” he said.

This means they will shoehorn the failed cast of their epic flop into the X-Men movies as useless cameos to preserve their rights to the license.

You know what Fox? As long as you hold Marvel’s First Family hostage I won’t go see any of your superhero movies. I don’t care how great Deadpool looks or how good Bryan Singer’s X-Men films are. Holding on to a franchise you’ve failed three times just to keep it from the creators is a dick thing to do and you suck.