Photos From Rogue One Filming Surface


Star Wars Anthology: Rogue One LogoSome cool spy photos from the filming of Star Wars: Rogue One have come out, which give us a good look at Stormtroopers staging some kind of assault.

These are from the UK Tabloid The Mirror, and despite them thinking they’re from The Force Awakens these are images from the filming of Rogue One. For one these are Imperial Stormtroopers, as opposed to the new First Order Stormtroopers used in Episode VII. Also that lander they are standing near is actually the same troop lander set used in The Force Awakens, only painted gray for Rogue One. broke that bit of news back in June.

The filming location looks pretty cool and opens up some interesting possibilities. The palm trees and sand show that this could be a more tropical planet than we’ve seen in Star Wars yet, which means despite being a Prequel to A New Hope we’ll see some new locations in Rogue One when it opens next December.