Could There Be a Darth Vader PS4 Coming?


Darth VaderSony has been doing special limited edition PS4s for quite a while now, and now it looks like there may be a Darth Vader one on the way. got their hands on some info from Walmart that says there’s some kind of PS4 related Disney Infinity Bundle coming:

“The bigger news is that there is going to be an exclusive Walmart PS4 Star Wars Infinity bundle with an etched Darth Vader case. Is this a PS4 with Darth Vader etched on the case? We know there is a PS4 exclusive Infinity bundle coming that includes Boba Fett. The “etched Vader case” could mean special packaging for the Infinity bundle or it could mean a Darth Vader PS4 with the Star Wars Infinity bundle included?”

There is a PS4 exclusive bundle of Disney Infinity that includes the Boba Fett figure, which is what this can describe. However since the listing words it as “PS4/Star Wars Infinity Bundle” it really makes it look like it’s a PlayStation 4 with an etched Darth Vader case bundled with Disney Infinity 3.0.

Hopefully we’ll know more soon as this would be an awesome PS4 bundle to have.