Amazing Video Shows How \’Real\’ The Star Wars Prequels Were


Star Wars Prequels Behind the ScenesEvery time Lucasfilm talks to fans about The Force Awakens, they have to make sure they push the use of real “Practical Effect” in comparison to the Star Wars Prequels. It’s almost as if Lucasfilm is working off some kind of bizarre focus test filled out by the vocal minority on the internet who don’t know how many real sets and real models were used to create the Prequels. Just look at any behind the scenes photo from the Prequels and you can see some of the real locations and sets they used to make the movies, and now there’s a video that brilliantly turns that behind the scenes reel from Comic Con on its head.

Created by Yancy Evans, the video basically takes the audio from the San Diego Comic Con Behind the Scenes clip for The Force Awakens and applies it to footage from the making of the Star Wars Prequels. They went to a real desert for The Force Awakens? Well they did that twice for the Prequels, filming both The Phantom Menace and Attack of the Clones in the real desert of Tunisia. A lot of the video comes from The Phantom Menace’s “Beginning” documentary, as well as an Attack of the Clones location scouting featurette. Funny, if the Prequels were as full of CG as the internet likes to think…why would they have to scout real-world locations?

Every time someone posts that dumb Red Letter Media video to bash the Prequels, just respond with this: