SDCC\’s Force Awakens Video Wasn\’t Produced for Comic Con



People who attend Hall H at SDCC expect the videos they’re shown there to be something special, usually produced just for Comic Con, but this year’s Force Awakens video turns out to be something different.

It turns out the video was something produced for the cast, and not something Lucasfilm put together just for SDCC like some had previously claimed. Yahoo asked Simon Pegg about the video (you can see it via the embed below) and he says it was something they showed the cast at the wrap party:

“I’d seen it actually because they showed it for us when we wrapped the movie there was a little event and I saw it. I never expected the world to see it. It was lovely. It was initially intended as just a kind of thing for the cast and crew to watch and to remember the experience.”

The current rumor is that Lucasfilm brought that video to SDCC so they wouldn’t show up empty handed for Hall H. The reason is that the “big guns” are being saved for Disney’s D23 Expo on August 15th, where Marvel will also unveil stuff they didn’t show at SDCC.

Here’s the video of Pegg talking about the BTS clip: