JJ Abrams Confirms What Type of Door Really Injured Harrison Ford


The Empire Strikes Back - Han SoloWhen Harrison Ford was injured on the set of The Force Awakens, sensationalist stories began to spread that the door of the Millennium Falcon did it. Now JJ Abrams confirmed what we told you a year ago…that it was a hydraulic door that fell on Ford.

Club Jade found a video where JJ Abrams appeared on The Daily Show to promote Mission: Impossible Rogue Nation and the subject of Star Wars naturally came up. He finally confirms that the door that injured Harrison Ford wasn’t a flimsy wooden set door on the Millennium Falcon, but a heavy hydraulic stage door:

“We were filming a scene and there was an accident on set, there was a hydraulic door that went down, he was pushed down. An his ankle goes 90 degrees…”

So it wasn’t the door of the Millennium Falcon like so many people have been spreading ever since it happened. It was a heavy metal hydraulic door, and as Abrams explains in the video below he broke his back trying to pull it off Harrison Ford. The comments are at the 4:30 mark of the video: