And This Week\’s Crazy Boba Fett Rumor Is…


Star Wars Anthology: Rogue One LogoIf there’s one character that has more crazy rumors about them when it comes to new Star Wars movie, it’s Boba Fett.

Most people remember the rumor that said the Boba Fett spin-off would retcon the Prequels out of existence, and Lucasfilm debunked pretty spectacularly. That rumor is still being spread around the internet and it pops up from time to time. Then there’s the theory that Max Von Sydow is playing old Boba Fett in The Force Awakens (he isn’t). Lets not even bring up the “Michael Fassbender is Boba Fett” casting craziness…

Today a new rumor about Boba Fett has popped up and it honestly doesn’t make much sense due to when Rogue One is set in the Star Wars timeline. It comes from Heroic Hollywood’s El Mayimbe who appeared on Meet the Movie Press and said he heard that Felicity Jones would be playing Boba Fett’s daughter in Star Wars: Rogue One. He says he wouldn’t be posting it on Heroic Hollywood because he’s skeptical of it, and that’s a good thing.

Felicity Jones is 31, and although she could play a younger character…Boba Fett is still too young to have a daughter in her 20s in Rogue One. The first Anthology is set right before the opening of A New Hope, which is roughly twenty years after Episode III. At the time of Episode III, Boba Fett would be about 15. That means in order for Felicity Jones to be playing Boba Fett’s daughter and be in her 20s during Rogue One, she would’ve been born around the time of Episode II when Boba wasn’t even a teenager yet. So it doesn’t line up at all.

You can hear the Boba Fett rumor dropped around the 52 minute mark in this video: