Rumor: Multiple Live-Action Star Wars Series Headed to Netflix


starwars1313_06The streaming service already has five Marvel shows booked, and now Netflix may be producing more than one Star Wars live-action series.

This latest rumor comes from Cinelinx who has heard that three series could be headed to Netflix:

“Let’s move on to the NEW information I’ve heard, from a couple of individual sources now. Disney is looking to continue their partnership with Netflix for their Star Wars shows. Yes, I said shows. I’ve heard there’s talk of potentially three different live-action shows for Netflix, in much the same way Marvel has deals in place for Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, etc.

Because of the extreme success of Daredevil, Netflix is working with Disney on the cheap and more than happy to continue their relationship. For Lucasfilm this makes a lot of sense, as they want to keep the cinematic feel of the movies going with the TV shows. Netflix allows for such a presentation much better than network television, while also giving them a chance to explore stories and characters which otherwise might not be a good fit somewhere else.”

Even though it’s working with Disney on the cheap, Netflix is still a better option than network television these days. Ever notice how Daredevil looks like a movie while Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. is definitely network television fodder? Based just on Daredevil, not to mention Netflix’s other excellent series, it’s a great home for Star Wars.

Hopefully this comes to fruition and we get some live action Star Wars episodic content in a couple of years.