Rumor: This Probably Isn\’t Marvel\’s Spider-Man Costume


Marvel Reveal New Spider-Man

Brace yourselves, as Marvel’s Spider-Man costume is…quite different.

Today Latino Review posted the below image claiming it’s a sketch of what the Spider-Man costume will look like in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. There not being any blue in the costume actually isn’t a departure as the original costume was black and red. The blue was added as highlights over the years until it became the blue and red costume many people know today.

Marvel Spider-Man Costume

Adding to the confusion is that the image is actually done in 2012 by an artist on DeviantAt who says it’s his concept:

“Little concept made for my digital art class. I’ve always wondered how Peter Parker would actually dress up as Spiderman, presuming he’s just a teenager and not a costume designer with impressive sewing skills. I personally think he would come up with nothing better than a ski suit, protective pads, martial arts gears, a hoodie, a ski mask and some kind of goggles…”

Based on that…it’s likely bogus. Especially since Spider-Man was secure with Sony back in 2012!