Channing Tatum Suddenly Realized He Was About to Play Gambit


gambitDespite 20th Century Fox carting him out on stage at San Diego Comic Con as the star of their Gambit movie, Channing Tatum is about to jump ship.

The Wrap is reporting tonight that the deal to have Tatum play Gambit is falling apart and they’re going to have to find someone else to play the character in the movie. This is really sudden as the movie was expected to start filming very soon to may its October 6 2016 release date.

Gambit became a staple of the X-Men comics in the late 80s into the 90s and became a superstar of the era partially from Jim Lee’s legendary relaunch of X-Men and the Fox animated series. He was even given a solo series here and there, and fans will always remember the relationship between him and Rogue.

He was played by Taylor Kitsch in the first Wolverine movie.

Thanks to our buddy Pete Morrison of Rebels Report for the headline inspiration.