Star Wars: Rogue One Will Include a Senator Character


Star Wars Anthology: Rogue One LogoPrequel haters may want to brace themselves, as we may be seeing a little more politics in the upcoming Star Wars Anthology: Rogue One as a Senator has been cast.

According to the BBC, Sherlock actor Jonathan Aris has been cast in Star Wars: Rogue One as a “Senator Jebel”. They cite his Spotlight page, which has been extremely reliable in discovering casting information in the past, including stuff about Star Wars movies.

Since Rogue One is set in the hours leading up to A New Hope (it’s basically showing what’s described in the opening crawl), we may see Palpatine dissolving the Senate due to the looming Death Star. It’s something Tarkin says has just happened during A New Hope, and if they have a Senator character in Rogue One we may be taking another trip back to the Coruscant Senate building that was a fixture of the Prequels.