Space Jam 2 May Be Coming


Space Jam 2Yesterday Warner Brothers announced a deal to make movies with LeBron James, and people immediately began joking that it meant we’re going to see a Space Jam 2. Well it doesn’t look like it’s a joke anymore, because the production studio is hinting that a sequel is on the way.

Village Roadshow’s official Australian Twitter account posted that they are making Space Jam 2 with LeBron James:

STOP WHAT YOU"RE DOING… The rumours are true. We're making #SpaceJam2 with @KingJames.

— Roadshow AU (@RoadshowAU) July 22, 2015


But then they followed it up with a backtrack after people took it as official confirmation:

Think we're missing the word 'apparently' from our #Spacejam2 tweet. Nothing confirmed, may have been our hopes and dreams running away!

— Roadshow AU (@RoadshowAU) July 23, 2015


This follows Warner Brothers renewing the copyrights for the Space Jam brand.

A relic of the 90s, Space Jam is looked upon quite fondly by kids who grew up in that decade. Those people are now grown up with kids of their own now, so it’s a market that’s ripe for Warner to exploit. And yes, the original 1996 Space Jam website is still up and running.