See Fox Sports Mock a Prequel Fan


Defending the Star Wars Prequels
Another day, another incident of Prequel bashing. This time it comes from Fox Sports and it involves them mocking a fan who happens to be an upcoming race driver.

Nascar driver Ryan Blaney was born in 1993, which means that the release of The Phantom Menace in 1999 would be his first new Star Wars movie. Like many people born in the 90s, the Prequels were their Star Wars but that fact of reality is lost on this Fox Sports host who is going off some focus group derived game plan of mocking and bashing the Prequels, despite those being the Star Wars a generation of fans identify with.

Since The Force Awakens is coming out in December, everyone is trying to jump on the Star Wars bandwagon anyway possible. So Fox Sport’s The Buzzer asked driver Ryan Blaney what his favorite Star Wars movie was. Since the 21-year-old honestly said his favorite was The Phantom Menace, it resulted in mocking:


Here’s the Tweet that accompanied the video:

These are the same idiots who want to retcon or remake the Prequels out of existence, completely forgetting that doing so would rob a generation of their Star Wars. You don’t see Prequel fans demanding that Lucasfilm retcon the old 70s and 80s movies out of existence, yet you see older fans demanding that of the movies that younger fans like. It’s actually pretty selfish if you think about it.