The BTTF Animated Series Finally Comes to DVD


bttf-30th-blu-ray-animated-seriesBack to the Future fans probably remember the Saturday morning animated series that ran for two seasons following the end of the trilogy. Now the complete BTTF animated series is finally being released on DVD as part of the 30th anniversary of the first movie.

Releasing on disc on 10/21/15, as that is the real day Marty arrived at in 2015, the DVD set of the animated series will include a featurette with a new interview with Bob Gale as well as concept art galleries.

They’ll also be re-releasing the Back to the Future trilogy on Blu-Ray and DVD that day and that will include the “Doc Brown Saves the World” shorts as well as couple new special features as well as the same bonuses from the 2009 Blu-Ray release. If you’re a hardcore BTTF fan you can also buy the trilogy and the animated series together in a light-up Flux Capacitor package that also includes a 64-page book and an extra bonus disc with two hours of special features.

Even though I already have the 2009 release, I’m likely going to be picking up that Flux Capacitor set…