Fan Fixes Fox\’s Apocalypse


x-men-apocalypse-fan-fixAfter the reveal of the X-Men: Apocalypse costumes this morning, fans were rightfully complaining that Fox dropped the ball on the title villain’s design.

As amazing as the comic-accurate costume for Psylocke is, which should make fans excited as we’ve never seen a costume that accurate in an X-Men movie before, Apocalypse looks like crap. It’s like they took certain elements from his comic book appearance, but threw out some of the bigger ones to make sure everyone knew Oscar Isaac was playing the character. Marvel didn’t make Thanos look like Josh Brolin, so why did Fox have to ruin Apocalypse.

Thankfully a fan on /tv/ on 4Chan used Photoshop to fix Fox’s design. They sized him up a bit, and changes his eyes and lips to more fit the comic original. Just like Colossus is CG in Deadpool, the Hulk and Thanos are CG in Marvel, this is a character who would’ve benefited greatly from being CG instead of a costume.