Confirmation of New Star Wars and Marvel Disneyland Attractions?


star-wars-shanghai-disneylandAbout a week ago a rumor came out that Disney would be adding a new Marvel and Star Wars section to Innoventions inside Disneyland’s Tomorrowland.

The attraction suddenly closed in May, but the rumor says that is due to plans to greatly expand the Marvel section upstairs and to replaced the dated Microsoft House of the Future downstairs with a new Star Wars attraction. It’s possible this Star Wars attraction could be the “Launch Bay” that Shanghai Disneyland will open with next year.

Today a permit has been found that Disney filed to spend $670,000 on a new Marvel merchandise location inside Innoventions:

I found a permit for a Marvel merchandise location being built in Disneyland's Innoventions at a cost of $670,000 …

— Matthew Gottula (@DLthings) July 16, 2015


As Innoventions is currently closed, this means that they’re spending more than half a million dollars on just one section of the building. That would confirm the rumors that they’re planning to re-open it with more Marvel stuff, and if that part of the rumor is true it’s very likely that the Star Wars part is as well.