First Look at a New Disney Star Wars Park Attraction


star-wars-shanghai-disneylandDisney has began to slowly unveil attractions for Shanghai Disneyland, and in the process revealed a new one based on Star Wars.

Called “Star Wars Launch Bay” the attraction in Shanghai Disneyland will include characters, props and more from Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Those in the US shouldn’t feel left out, as we’re definitely going to be seeing similar Star Wars attractions here. Recently it was rumored that Innoventions in Disneyland would re-open in November with a similar exhibit of The Force Awakens props.

Also one shouldn’t read too much into the concept art above as to what will actually appear in the attraction. This sort of thing is just an idea, although it wouldn’t be surprising if they included similar sets like that they show there such as a First Order style one and a Resistance one.

We’re likely to get a better look at Disney’s Star Wars plans for their parks at D23 Expo in Anaheim next month.