The Last Starfighter TV Series Drops the Video Game Angle


The Last Starfighter1984’s The Last Starfighter is a classic to many, and one of the most memorable parts of the movie is being ignored for the upcoming TV series.

In the movie, Alex Rogan is an expert player at the Starfighter arcade game. When he finally hits the highest score ever, he finds out the game was a recruitment tool by an alien race. Variety reveals the upcoming “Starfighter Chronicles” TV series drops that part of the story:

“The new show, which is still in early development, doesn’t directly continue the original “Starfighter” story, which catapulted a teenage video-game fan into outer space to fight in an interstellar war. Instead, it’s a serialized story about alien law enforcement. “It’s about instilling a moral code,” said Betuel during a recent interview.”

I’m not watching a crappy, gimmicky (VR), Battlestar Galactica rip off that will just be another throw-away low-budget scifi show dumped on people with the hope that nostalgia will sell it. If you’re not going to do the video game recruitment angle, don’t tie the series to The Last Starfighter.