Did We See Luke in The Force Awakens Behind the Scenes? Nope.



There’s a theory flying around the Internet this morning that JJ Abrams slyly gave everyone their first look at Luke in The Force Awakens in the behind the scenes clip from SDCC.

This comes from i09 who describes the following image as such:

“It’s hard to see clearly but it looks like some kind of caped figure, maybe Kylo Ren, shot from behind facing a few Stormtroopers. They’re on the same side though, so doesn’t make sense. Could this be our first look at Luke Skywalker? It’s hard to capture as an image but in the video, it appears there are swords being used which could be made into lightsabers later. “


We’ve actually already scene Luke in The Force Awakens. This scene from the second teaser is Luke during a Flashback scene that happens early in the movie to explain some things to our new characters:
The Force Awakens Teaser 2

If the image on Abrams monitor isn’t Luke, what is it? If you look closely at the image you’ll notice the figure on the right has a blaster rifle. That’s not a Stormtrooper. Also look at the floor with its white square lighting as well as the rectangle lights along the ceiling. We’ve seen this set before earlier in the clip.

It’s the reverse angle of this:

Who are those guys? Very early in the movie, right after the desert planet of Jakku, our heroes get involved in a scuffle with some pirates and thugs on a Giant Freighter. Right now it’s believed these are the Freighter security forces that respond to the fight that breaks out. They’re not Kylo Ren, they’re not Stormtroopers, and they’re definitely not Luke Skywalker.

That glimpse of Luke from the flashback in the last trailer may just be the best look you get at him until December 18th.