201 Days of The X-Files: The Jersey Devil


201 Days of The X-Files: The Jersey DevilFox’s The X-Files is returning to television in January, and the network has given fans a challenge to watch all 201 episodes of the series counting down to the release. We’ve taken the challenge and will post one of these articles every day leading up to the release of the new season. All nine seasons of The X-Files are available on DVD and are currently streaming. Both movies will be included in this countdown, and will be viewed following the season five finale and the season finale.

After dealing with aliens and a serial killer, Mulder and Scully investigate another type of Monster of the Week: Cannibals.

Based on the legend of the Jersey Devil, Mulder and Scully investigate cannibalistic killings. Everyone thinks it’s just cannibals, but of course Mulder sees something more in it. It turns out to be primitive people who have been living in the woods for many years, and just like the taste of human flesh because they really don’t know any better.

The Jersey Devil is really a filler episode. It’s completely standalone and isn’t a story that’s continued later in the series nor is it a Mythology episode. It’s purely a Monster of the Week and one of the more grounded episodes in the show’s run. It nails the creepy and moody feel the show demands, but it’s not a particularly memorable one either.