Confirmed – Affleck is Co-Writing and Directing The Batman


Ben Affleck Direct BatmanRecently a rumor came out that Ben Affleck would be directing the standalone Batman movie, and today it’s been confirmed that he’ll also co-write it.

According to Deadline, Affleck will team up with DC’s Geoff Johns to write the script and the two are apparently pretty far along withe the project. They hope to turn the script into Warner by the end of the summer, which means it’s very possible we may hear something about the movie at Warner’s big SDCC panel this Saturday morning.

Having Affleck direct the movie is a huge win for Warner as the last movie he made (Argo) ended up winning Best Picture. Geoff Johns is the guardian of the DC canon, and has shaped the DC universe for the last decade or so. He’s still deeply involved in writing the comics having epic runs on Green Lantern, Justice League, and reinventing Aquaman. His most recent Batman solo projects were the solid “Earth One” graphic novels.

The rumored release for The Batman is currently 2018.