201 Days of The X-Files: Squeeze


201-days-of-x-files-squeezeFox’s The X-Files is returning to television in January, and the network has given fans a challenge to watch all 201 episodes of the series counting down to the release. We’ve taken the challenge and will post one of these articles every day leading up to the release of the new season. All nine seasons of The X-Files are available on DVD and are currently streaming. Both movies will be included in this countdown, and will be viewed following the season five finale and the season finale.

Following two initial episodes dealing with UFO conspiracies (Pilot and Deep Throat), Fox wanted something different from The X-Files. The result was the first ever “Monster of the Week” episode and it established a breather from the “Mythology” episodes, which the series may not have survived without. In fact, there are some fans out there who prefer the Monster of the Week shows to the Mythology ones, and it’s something that probably helped the series last as long as it did. The UFO conspiracy Mythology story had its fans, but there’s only so much of it that the series could support.

“Squeeze” introduces one of the series’ most famous villains, Eugene Victor Tooms. Able to squeeze his body through impossible spaces (thus the title) he’s a serial killer who eats livers, and Mulder suspects that he’s been alive for over 100 years and is the same killer from unsolved murders in the 30s.

Of course, with this being The X-Files he is. But we don’t get to that before we see Scully dealing with a bit of the mocking she gets from “normal” FBI agents who look down on her and Mulder’s work. It’s almost funny that these serious agents can’t solve the case, but Mulder and Scully can. Also funny here is Mulder, who shows off the character’s dry and sarcastic humor in a bit about the Greys. This is the sort of “funny” Mulder fans of the series will remember, not the lighter and sillier one from the pilot.

Even though it’s rare for an X-Files episode to be happily resolved like a Star Trek one, Squeeze is interesting as it introduced a recurring villain. Tooms became a fan favorite and we’ll see him again before the first season is done.