Fake Star Wars Movie Slate \’Leaked\’


Star Wars Movie Slate Leaked

UPDATE: The image has been confirmed fake. Here’s the original image they used:
Star Wars Movie Slate Leaked
Star Wars Movie Slate Leaked

This morning a purported image showing the full slate of Star Wars movies through 2020 “leaked”, but there is a lot of evidence pointing to it being fake.

The image comes from Indie Revolver, who is normally good with leaked Star Wars stuff, but this doesn’t pass the smell (or Photoshop) test:

  • Yesterday Lucasfilm officially announced the Han Solo Anthology for May 25, 2018. That’s after Star Wars Episode VIII, but this image lists it as the 2020 release after Episode XI.
  • The image claims to be from Lucasfilm’s Hall H presentation, but brightening the image in Photoshop shows that it wasn’t taken in Hall H.
  • This was not taken in the Disney screening room in Burbank nor the Skywalker Ranch screening room, neither of those look like this. Even the ILM theater looks different than this.

Heroic Hollywood’s El Mayimbe also says it’s fake:
Star Wars Slate Leak

Here’s the brightened image:

Star Wars Movie Slate Leaked