Rumor: Fox Wants Bryan Singer for Fantastic Four 2


fantastic-fourJosh Trank’s Fantastic Four reboot hasn’t even proven itself at the box office yet, and there’s a rumor that Fox wants Bryan Singer for the sequel.

This comes from Billy Donnelly at This is Infamous who has a good track record with Star Wars stuff, so it’s possible Fox is really considering this:

“Fox is hoping to get Singer to take the directorial reins for FANTASTIC FOUR 2, following X-MEN: APOCALYPSE, in order to get the franchise on the right path moving forward where this time they can get more than two mediocre movies out of the property. Now that he’s guided X-MEN to success on two separate occasions (although let’s give Matthew Vaughn credit where it is due for FIRST CLASS), they, along with producer Simon Kinberg, would like his steady hand to usher the Fantastic Four to a more established position, so that when they press on with the Fantastic Four/X-Men crossover event they have in their plans for 2018, they aren’t out of place and just there, but a major and equal part of their budding cinematic universe.”

He also reiterates that there is bad blood between Marvel and Fox, which squashes that dumb rumor that the two were working towards a Spider-Man type deal in 2020.