First Tease of New X-Files Footage


New X-Files Footage

Fox has released a tease of the first new X-Files footage since the second movie in 2008 in a very quick clip on YouTube.

There are 201 days until the X-Files revival kicks off on Fox after the NFC Championship game in January, and Fox wants to get fans ready for the revival by watching one episode a day until then.

Unfortunately they’re not doing this on any of their numerous cable networks (it’d be cool for them to do it on one of the FX channels), and instead they want people to buy the series on DVD to do it. However, as of right now the show is still available on Netflix…so you can stream it until Fox decides to yank it from the service.

To help fans get hyped for this challenge, Fox released a video on YouTube showcasing some of the show’s more famous moments. At the very end of the video there’s a two-second clip of Mulder an Scully that’s taken from the new episodes. This is our first look at the duo back in action: