X-Men Apocalypse Will Reboot the Team\’s Origin


X-Men Apocalypse Reboot
After six previous movies, X-Men Apocalypse will reboot the origin of the team showing how they really came together.

With Terminator: Genisys rebooting that franchise, it’s not surprising Fox would want to breathe new life into X-Men. The original cast is aging, and the First Class cast isn’t likely to sign up for more films. Singer tells EW that this will restart things:

“This is kind of a conclusion of six X-Men films, yet a potential rebirth of younger, newer characters,” says director Bryan Singer, helming his fourth X-Men movie.

“This is the true birth of the X-Men,” Singer says. “This is how it happens.”

We’re likely to get our first look at X-Men Apocalypse, and hopefully the cast in costume, at San Diego Comic Con this weekend.