Rumor: Donnie Yen Cast in Star Wars Episode VIII


Donnie Yen Episode VIII

Casting for Star Wars Episode VIII is starting to ramp up for a shoot to begin in the fall, and the latest rumor is that Donnie Yen will be in the movie.

Hong Kong website Apple Daily (via MakingStarWars) is the one reporting that the star of IP Man has been cast in a role:

“Donny Yen (Yen Ji Dan), martial artist and movie star (Ip Man trilogy) has been cast in Star Wars: Episode VIII.”

The source site makes some crazy claims about the movie, many of which are known to be false, so it’s unwise for anyone to take a plot synopsis from their ramblings about an evil “Black” Emperor.

Cinemablend does speculate that he’s actually cast in Star Wars: Rogue One, which has just begun filming. This comes from a line in the Apple Daily article that Episode VIII starts filming next month, when it doesn’t do so until the fall. Either way, if the casting is true it’ll mean the Donnie Yen will be joining the Star Wars Universe.