Report: No Force Awakens Trailer at SDCC This Week


the-force-awakensStar Wars fans have been eagerly anticipating the SDCC panel for The Force Awakens, but a new report out today says there will be no trailer shown to Hall H.

According to an exclusive at Entertainment Weekly, Lucasfilm will only be showing a behind-the-scenes featurette at SDCC on Friday:

First of all, the presentation this Friday afternoon will not include a trailer or any new clips of the movie. The next trailer will be coming in the fall, according to sources with knowledge of the project.

But don’t go hurling your cup of blue milk at the wall just yet. There will be other surprises.

Roughly six months before the Dec. 18 release, the Comic-Con panel will offer a behind-the-scenes look at the highly secretive film, which was completely locked down to press during production. (It’s still locked down. Lucasfilm and parent company Disney declined requests for comment.)

Likely the behind the scenes thing will be a few minutes long and show off the creature shop and other practical effects to continue the talking point Lucasfilm has been parroting at every major event. There’s still a chance we’ll see a new trailer at D23 Expo next month along with new Rogue One information.