UPDATED: Possible The Force Awakens Third Trailer Description



NOTE: The following is only a RUMORED description for the third Star Wars: The Force Awakens trailer, expected to premiere this Friday at San Diego Comic Con. For those who have an inability to decipher what certain terms mean, “RUMOR” means it may or may not be real:

UPDATE: The below description is most likely fake. The author posted this when asked about how Luke appears in the trailer:

Looking past the camera with a warm look on his face. It’s snowing too.

Unless they digitally added snow to the Skellig Michael footage they shot last July, this marks the description as probably fake. It was a sunny day on Skellig Michael when they filmed and the good weather was why they filmed there when they did.

The source of this description is a poster on /r/movies on Reddit, and since anyone can post whatever they want on Reddit a grain of salt is advised. However, there is nothing in this description jumps out as immediately bogus, for example Luke really isn’t a big part of what they show. That’s because Episode VII is the about the search for Luke Skywalker and he really isn’t seen much in the movie. Since this description isn’t full of Luke stuff, and it meshes well with what’s known, it could possibly be legit:

Snowy landscape. Speeders zoom past.
The same military gathering from previous trailer. Kylo Ren walks down landing ramp and in front of legion to chants.
Max Von Sydow narrating. Detailing the icy planet, the number of stormtroopers, Captain Phasma, and Kylo Ren and the fact some one is a fugitive.
Max Von Sydow talking “And you want to break in?”
Rey Finn Han and Chewie. Chewie roars, Han says he tried to talk them out of it.
This Christmas.
Dogfight over a lake.
Finn deflecting lasers with a blue lightsaber.
Little orange alien touches Rey’s forehead, massive flash of white light.
Imperial commander on bridge with Phasma “I want him alive. Do what you want with the girl.”
Kylo Ren and that sexy lightsaber.
Black and red X Wing shooting blue and white ones.
Tie Fighters pursue the Falcon in space.
Journey to a galaxy.
Rey screams at sight of Phasma.
A Star Destroyer plummets towards a snowy planet.
Kylo Ren unmasked lifting an officer into the air.
Orange alien with Leia looking on in horror
Artoo and Threepio in what looks like a bunker as lasers fly through the air.
X Wings shooting down Tie Fighters.
Rey acrobatically navigating a mechanical landscape.
Kylo Ren observing a river of lava with his back turned to the camera, lightsaber ignited.
Far far away.
Gravelly voice from first teaser.
“They found him”
“Who” normal voice.
“Skywalker…” Gravelly voice.

The third Force Awakens trailer will likely be shown this coming Friday at San Diego Comic Con. The panel is at 5:30pm Pacific time, and the only question is how quickly Lucasfilm will release the trailer online.