An Original Nintendo/Sony PlayStation Prototype Found


PlayStation Prototype

A very rare artifact of video game history has been found as a collector has posted pictures of his Nintendo/Sony PlayStation prototype.

These originated in /r/gaming on Reddit, but as that website is currently burning down in a revolt following the firing of the popular admin of /r/iama the original link is inaccessible. We’ve collected the images in this gallery here.

The actual PlayStation Prototype isn’t that unusual to see as they have been photographed before (Sony has one on display in their HQ). But what’s unusual is for a private collector to get their hands on one. This was the famous SNES CD that was to be a collaboration between Sony and Nintendo. It would run SNES carts with a Sony CD drive. Nintendo famously ended the relationship, and Sony went on to create the PlayStation and change the gaming industry forever. It’s interesting to think what things would be like if this had actually been released.

As you look through these images make note of how the system was made from the same yellowing plastic that Nintendo used for both the NES and SNES. Also the controller is just a Super Famicom controller with a “Sony PlayStation” label on the front. Whoever found this system really does have a treasure in their collection now.