Star Wars: Shattered Empire Synopsis Released


Shattered Empire SynopsisThe journey to The Force Awakens kicks off in September, and Marvel’s Shattered Empire will be a big part of it. Today the official synopsis for the comic was released.

Jedi-Bibliothek found the synopsis on PREVIEWSworld as this is what’s being sent out to comic shops who are making their September orders this month:

“Emperor Palpatine’s twenty-year reign of terror came to an abrupt and fiery end in the skies above the forest moon of Endor. A decisive victory for the Rebel Alliance, to be sure, but even with the loss of its leadership, the Empire’s Moffs and regional governors retained their hold on important systems from the Core to the Outer Rim, thanks to the might of the Imperial Starfleet. Now, with a power vacuum atop the Empire, those Moffs will jockey for position and control, and the heroes of the Rebel Alliance will soon discover that a wounded and fractious Empire may be more dangerous than any threat they faced before!”

With Tarkin and now Shattered Empire, the new canon is explaining pretty well why the Empire didn’t go away when Palpatine died.