Major Star Wars & Indy Expansion Coming to Walt Disney World


Star Wars Indy Walt Disney WorldStar Wars, Indy, and Pixar are about to get a huge boost at Walt Disney World’s Hollywood Studios park in the form of a $3 billion expansion Disney is planning.

This news comes from Billy Donnelly who has a very good track record with Star Wars scoops. This is what Disney may be planning to reveal at the D23 Expo in August:

What is in the works is something that should inject some new energy into the park, with two new STAR WARS attractions tapped to be in the works, including a Dagobah centerpiece for where Echo Lake and Gertie the Dinosaur currently reside. Details on what those attractions will be have managed to escape me for now, but, with STAR TOURS and the Jedi Training Academy, which I hear will be relocating indoors to an existing building, already in place, you’re looking at four STAR WARS attractions on the ground inside the park, not to mention the possibilities for dining and shopping experiences that would mimic what you’d encounter in that galaxy far, far away.

He says the Indiana Jones ride will be an updated version of what they already have in Disneyland, while Pixar will have some additional unnamed attractions added to Pixar Place.

Hopefully we see official news on this expansion at D23 next month.