How The ID4 President\’s Speech Happened


id4-presidents-speechThe President’s speech in Independence Day is almost known better than the movie itself, and now the story of how ID4’s defining moment happened is out.

With Independence Day: Resurgence in production in New Mexico, Complex has posted the oral history of the President’s speech from the first ID4 and there’s some interesting things in it:

“Devlin: I said, “Let me kind of just vomit out something really fast now and then we’ll spend a lot of time on it later and really rewrite it and make it perfect.” So I went into the other room and literally in five minutes I whipped the speech out, put it into the script—we didn’t even read it. It was just a placeholder.”

“Devlin: The only thing we changed was we added at the last minute the line, “Today we celebrate our Independence Day.” And the main reason we did that is ‘cause the studio at the time was threatening to change the title to “Doomsday.” So we thought, let’s get it into the speech.”

It also seems like the sequel won’t have a similar speech for the President, as it’s impossible to live up to the original:

“Emmerich: These things happen once in a lifetime. You can’t repeat stuff like that. There’s a lot of great emotional moments in IDR, but there’s no place where a speech like this could fit, so we’re staying away from it. There are some speech-like moments, but I think having a president’s speech would just be like playing with fire.”

I’m fine with there not being a speech in the sequel, because everyone would just compare it to the original in ID4: