Check Out Mondo\’s Amazing TMNT Comic Figure


Mondo TMNT Figure

San Diego Comic Con is next week, and a lot of the new toys are starting to be revealed. One of the coolest announcements is a series of TMNT figures inspired by the original Eastman and Laird comic.

Mondo will be releasing all four Turtles, and all four will be on display in their booth at the show, but today they just revealed Leonardo. Each of the Turtles will feature more than twenty-five points of articulation, interchangeable hands, their weapons, and both the red and colored headbands. Even though they’re based on the original comic designs, you’ll be able to use the colors from the animated series and movies if you like.

No price or release date was announced today, but there may be more on that front at Comic Con next week when Mondo reveals all of their TMNT comic figures.