Peter Parker to Remain the \’Amazing\’ Spider-Man in Comics


A couple of weeks ago the internet was buzzing with Marvel revealing that Miles Morales would be the Spider-Man in the rebooted Marvel universe. His book was announced as being titled “Spider-Man” with Peter Parker serving as a mentor to him.

This put up a red flag for most fans as Marvel’s teaser art for the All-New All-Different Marvel has always featured two Spider-Men. The Miles Spider-Man, who is a member of the new Avengers team, as well as the traditional Peter Parker Spider-Man suit. That sparked many, myself included, the speculate that Peter will remain in “Amazing Spider-Man” as Spidey, while Miles takes over in “Spider-Man”.

Bleeding Cool has found some cover art for October’s relaunches, and as expected Amazing Spider-Man #1 does feature the Peter Parker Spider-Man as its star. This means we’ll have two different Spider-Man monthly comics, each with a different Spider-Man. And it’ll be cool to see Peter and Miles interacting again, as the Spider-Men crossover was really great when Peter visited the Ultimate Universe.