How Dan Slott Has Destroyed Spider-Man



With the announcement of the new Amazing Spider-Man comics, fans need to brace themselves to learn that Dan Slott has finally destroyed the character.

His last few years of trolling fans with face-palm stupid story-lines weren’t enough, now he has decided to remove the thing that made Spider-Man so relatable to readers for more than fifty years. Today MTV revealed that Dan Slott has turned Peter Parker into a copy of Tony Stark post-Secret Wars:

Just like in the real world, Spider-Man is everywhere. Now that Peter Parker is an international icon, Spider-Man has become his bodyguard — mirroring a storyline that played out with Tony Stark back when “Iron Man” first launched — and so Spider-Man’s logo is on shirts, posters, toys, games and more all over the world.

So now Spider-Man is rich and famous thanks to Dan Slott. He’s no longer the normal guy struggling to get by while dealing with super-powers (one of the things that made him such a popular character), he’s now just another Tony Stark. Marvel seems to be concerned with getting Spider-Man right in the movies, while letting a troll destroy the character in the comics. They need to fix this and fire Dan Slott.