Rogue One Could Allude to The Empire\’s Real Dark Side


Star Wars Anthology: Rogue One Logo

The first description of concept art from Rogue One has arrived, and the movie could really show the true Dark Side of The Empire. has posted the first description of a piece of Rogue One concept art, and it sounds a lot like the Empire doing bad things to people:

“Nighttime. Trees and bushes in the distance but you can see structures far out. In a clearing there’s a little girl outside a fence. Her family is on the other side. The father is shouting to the little girl and Stormtroopers are coming for them. Mom is crying, older son looks resigned. Little girl has one foot behind her as if she’s about to run. Stormtroopers had backpacks on with tubular riffles.”

This is a side of the Empire they’ve never really shown in Star Wars before. They’ve alluded to it, especially in Rebels, but this is a darker tone than most people are used to with the franchise. With Rogue One having more of a military theme, this might be fitting to show people what the Rebellion is really fighting against.