Begun, the Bogus Rogue One Rumors Have


Star Wars Anthology: Rogue One LogoAs it was in the early days of The Force Awakens, bogus rumors about Rogue One are starting to be spread around social media. The latest one is a really bad Photoshop trying to pass Felicity Jones off as Star Wars Rebels’ Sabine in the movie.

Just like everyone whipped up Photoshops of Lupita Nyong’o as Asaaj Ventress in The Force Awakens (she’s not), people are doing the same for Felicity Jones in Star Wars: Rogue One. Here’s he image that’s being spread around today:

bogus rogue one rumor felicity jones sabine

As most Star Wars fans can point out, this is just a fan’s cosplay costume of Sabine with Felicity Jones’ face Photoshopped on top of it and some filters applied to make it look like a leaked image. Another red flag is her hair, as the coloring of it is the same as Sabine’s in season one of the show. She’s going to a different color scheme in season two.

UPDATE: This is the original image that was used to create the fake above.

There will obviously be more bogus Rogue One rumors coming out before the end of the summer, but with the movie entering production the chances are we’ll know a lot about it even before The Force Awakens releases. People just need to be patient and not latch on to every bogus Photoshop someone sends them on social media.