Three New Force Awakens Supporting Characters Revealed


The Force Awakens

Images of three supporting characters from The Force Awakens have been revealed including Ackbar, Nien Nunb, and newcomer Gorwyn.

Ackbar has been rumored for a while, and this is confirmation of who Greg Grunberg is playing in The Force Awakens. For a while Star Wars 7 News had been claiming that he would be the new owner of the Millennium Falcon. Despite the documentation that gave everyone the plot of the movie not supporting there being a new owner of the Falcon, they ran a big story doubling down on that theory.

Grunberg’s character has been believed to be named Gorwyn for a while. MakingStarWars posted a piece on how Gorwyn fits into the story, and he appears to be this trilogy’s Wedge as he’s an X-Wing pilot along side Poe Dameron.

Today Star Wars 7 News posted the following photos from a publicity shot session, which confirm that Grunberg is playing the X-Wing pilot Gorwyn in the film:
Force Awakens Supporting Characters
Force Awakens Supporting Characters
Force Awakens Supporting Characters

Expect to see a lot more stuff like this come out as we’re now only six months away from The Force Awakens. There will be a panel at SDCC next month, and then a big blow-out at D23 Expo a month later. Almost there!