Rumor: Indiana Jones 5 Coming in 2018


Indiana Jones 5 in 2018?

We’ve been hearing a lot of rumors about a new Indiana Jones now that Disney owns the franchise, and the newest rumor is that it’ll arrive in 2018.

Ain’t it Cool News has heard that Disney has a Q4 2018 date penciled in. Originally they said it would be December, but they since changed that to say “Q4”, which means it could be any time in the last part of the year.

If it were December, that could possibly conflict with the second Star Wars Anthology that’s due in 2018. The date for that is currently rumored to be December, so it wouldn’t make sense to release Indiana Jones and Star Wars in the same month.

Then again, if they move Anthology 2 back to the traditional May release date for Star Wars it would leave the holidays in 2018 wide open for Indiana Jones.