First Look at Domnhall Gleeson\’s Character in The Force Awakens


the-force-awakensFollowing the leaked photos of some supporting characters in The Force Awakens, an image showing Domnhall Gleeson’s character has surfaced.

These images come from MakingStarWars, and are actual photographs of what Star Wars Underworld described in previous posts. You can see their post on the Gleeson image here, and their post on the Han image here.

The first image is of Domnhall Gleeson’s character, who is a First Order General who shares screen time with Captain Phasma. In this image you can see the General and Phasma looking at a hologram of Finn who is on the run:

Up next is an image of Han, Finn, and Rey on the Falcon after they meet up following the beginning of the film on Jakku and a freighter. This is when Rey sees a beautiful green planet for the first time after living her entire life on a desert world: